Zlap.io Controls Guide

The Zlap.io Controls

Zlap.io is one of the trending games in the online gaming world which the game allows you to have fun times by playing it though your browser on your internet connection. In this article we will give information about the zlap.io controls but before it let us introduce you the game in case you have never played it before.

Zlap.io game is the new game of the developers of slither.io and agar.io and it seems like most of the io lovers already began to nominate this game as their favorite game. You will control a small ball in this game which has a mace that is able to grow in size in line with the people you will eliminate by hitting with your mace. You will have to use the arrow keys on your keyboard in order to move your small ball as zlap.io controls. You are not able to choose a color but the game will appoint a random color for you.

In the zlap.io controls you will have to use your mouse in order to swing the mace which is attached to your ball. You will have to use your mace as a weapon as well as a shield. You have to hit other players to eliminate them to let your mace grow but you can also use it to block possible hits coming from your opponents.

The zlap.io controls are quite easy which it only includes the arrow keys and your mouse. However it may be challenging for some players to control both of them at the same time but keep in mind that you will get use to it after few times you play zlap.io. We believe that you will love this game.

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