Zlap.io Controls Guide for Beginners

A Detailed Zlap.io Control Guide

Zlap.io controls are a little bit different than those we get use to with other io games. First of all you have two things to control, one of them is your ball and the other one is the mace that you swing in order to eliminate other players. You will be using your arrow keys as the zlap.io controls in order to provide directions to your small ball which will never grow in size unlike the other io games. You have to get good positions to swing your mace to eliminate your opponents.

Meanwhile the other zlap.io controls that you need to know is how to swing your mace. You will have to use your mouse in order to do this and the more you will swing will lead you to let your mace reach to more far away. In this way you will be able to eliminate more players too. As you can see the zlap.io controls are quite easy but it may be a little bit challenging to get use to it in your first games. But you can be sure about you will get use to it easily after few practices.

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