When the Zlap.io App Will Be Released?

Thing You Wonder About Zlap.io

The zlap.io game become very popular just in weeks and already have more than ten millions of players playing the game daily on their browsers. But we all want to have an access to this beautiful game zlap.io from everywhere. This is only possible with the zlap.io app for our smart devices but it is not launched yet. We all know that the developers of the io games do not immediately launch the applications for the games they develop.

They wait few weeks or maybe they are creating the application during this time after they release their games on web browsers. According to our previous experiences in other io games the zlap.io app will be launched in few weeks. After the launch of the game on our mobile platforms then we will be able to play zlap.io in everywhere as soon as we will have an internet connection.

We all wait the zlap.io app and hopefully there are only limited days left for us to have the game on our smartphones. Well, we are also closely following the official blog of the game but no any announcement made yet and they do not even provide any hint about the launch of the zlap.io app.

Keep in mind that you may see applications on the application market that try to mimic the zlap.io game but do not forget that those games are not the original version and probably they will be removed from the market soon due to the copyrights. Let us know what do you think about this new and addicted zlap.io game. Do you expect to see the zlap.io app on the application stores? Leave a comment to us to share your opinions.

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