What Makes The Gameplay Different?

The Gameplay

A new game is being developed day after day to meet the demand of the players want to spend their free times in a fun way. game is one of the best games among its kind. Because gameplay has been developed very differently, it is impossible to get bored of this game. controls are extremely simple. You have a little dot character in game which spins a mace which appears to have a spring in its hands. You direct your character with arrow keys and you determine which side the mace will be spun.  

Your goal in game is to reach the highest point by killing your rivals with your mace. gameplay has been designed to reflect real laws of physics. According to the gameplay, you have to move and hit the rival character in the head thanks to the centrifugal force. You may be pissed off by the lag problems may cause you to lose the game when you get hit by a rival. But you can change your internet connection to a more stable one such as a local internet connection. Unstable internet connection causes lag problems.

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