The Mods

Is there Any Mods?

Already millions of people began to play in all around the world and become addicted to it. I personally one of the addicts that spend few hours of playing in each day. As the number of the players who are playing increases, there will be mods published soon. Our developer team is working on a comprehensive one and we guess we will be launching the first mod soon.

Let us inform you about what is about. Unlike the other io games you do not grow in size in game but you have a mace which is attached to your ball and it can grow in line with the opponents you will eliminate. There are limited color options in game but they can be increased with the help of the mods soon. You may be in the same color with one of your opponents but this should not trick you since you will continue to be enemies.

You will control your small ball with the help of the arrow keys on your keyboard and you will need to use your mouse in order to control and swing your mace. The more you will move your mouse the more you will swing your mace and as a result of this you will be able to reach your enemies which are far away from you. There are no any zoom hack for now but we will include it to our future mods.

You have to hit to the ball of your opponent in order to eliminate them. When two maces will hit to each other they will rebound. You will earn one points in each time you will eliminate an enemy and as you earn points your mace will grow bigger which will help you to hit more enemies easily. However as it grows bigger it will be hard for you to swing it as well in game.

Your goal is to rank number one on the scoreboard and it is easy to do if you will adopt good strategies. In the event that you really like to play game then keep following us for the mods that we will publish them through our website.

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