The Gameplay

Everything About Gameplay game continues to increase the amount of its daily players and this fun game is one of our favorite games too in order to spend some time. Some of the people wonder gameplay to decide whether it is worth to start playing the game or not. You can be hundred percent sure that you will have great time while you will be playing

There are two concepts that you have to control in the game which makes the gameplay a little bit complex yet this is one of the reasons why the game is so fun. After you will practice for few games you will get use to both as well. The first thing in gameplay is the ball where you control it with the help of your arrow keys on the keyboard. You can move your ball in line with the button you will hit.

In addition to this, another thing that you have to control in gameplay is the mace which is attacted to your ball with a rope. You will be able to swing your mace by moving your mouse. You need to hit as much as players as you can in order to eliminate them and grow the size of your mace.

The gameplay is quite easy once you will get use to it and you will start to eliminate your opponents one by one. As the mace in game is your biggest weapon to eliminate other players, you will have to use it as a shield in order to avoid from the attacks of your opponents to not be eliminated. We believe that you will be addicted to this new game since it is too fun to play.

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