The New Zlap Game

Did You Tried to Zlap Game?

Are you looking for a fun ways to spend some free time but bored from the or We believe that you will love this game a lot. Personally I am really having great time with this simple but quite difficult game. Zlap game requires a good combination of your both hands and this is why it is not for everyone. You are a small ball which never grow in size but in addition to the old io games you have a mace attached to your ball. You give direction to your ball by using the arrow keys of your keyboard and at the same time you swing your mace with the moves of your mouse.

The more you will move your mouse will allow you to swing your mace more. The real physics rules apply in this zlap game too. This means that you will have to move your mouse fore and back in order to let it go further than your ball. You can also give direction to your mace with your mouse while it is moving. All you have to do is hit your opponents with your mace and when you will do that your enemies will be eliminated as well as the size of your mace will grow too.

There are only three colors in the zlap game which are green, blue and red. Your score is equal to how many players you will hit and eliminate with your mace. I believe that this is much more better than rest of the io games and it is quite fun to play. We can easily expect this zlap game to be trendy in few weeks. Try this awesome game and share your opinions with us by leaving a comment to this article.


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