New Mods Extension

Where You Can Find Mods Extension

In the event that you began to play and become addicted to it in a short period of time then probably you already began to use the mods that we have shared on our website. Those two mods are the only mods that were available on the online world for now however there will be mods extension for those mods soon by the developers.

In addition to these according to the rumors there are some other developers who are working on new mods together with the planned mods extensions. As a player you will have dozens of mods in few weeks but untill then you have to satify yourself with the current mods. There is one thing that you can do while waiting the new mods extensions which is developing better strategies until they will be launched. For instance you can surprise your opponents by hitting to their maces and disturb all of their plans then directly swing your mace on them to eliminate. I have tried this strategies while playing the game and as far as I see it works. Since the game is new not many people developed tactics for themselves yet and if you will be one of the first ones you can always rank at the top of the list.

We will announce any type of mods extension through our website as well as we are keeping up with the mods. You can keep following our website in order to learn recent developments in game and began using them whenever they will be launched. Until that time, keep playing to improve your capabilities.

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