New Modded Servers

Top 2 Modded Servers game is becoming more popular among the people in each day and there is a good reason for it. The game is awesome where you have to use the good combination of your both hands. When the demand towards the game increases the modded servers began to increase in amount as well.

We have already shared two modded servers with you in our website where you can find them from the mods category. Since the game is very new game, there is only two modded servers available on the internet however without a doubt the number of these servers will increase in the following days. In the event that you haven’t played to game yet, let us give you some good reasons to play If you have played and before then surely you will fell in love with this new game.

You will control a ball which has an additional mace. You will have to swing your mace with the help of your mouse in order to hit your opponents and eliminate them while you need to move your ball to travel on the map with the arrow keys on your keyboard. Your score will increase by one point in each time you will eliminate your enemy and your mace will start to grow in line with the enemies eliminated.

It will be much more fun to play on modded servers since these servers allow you to zoom in and out with the help of the mouse wheel. In this way you will be able to see more with a wider screen view and avoid from possible dangers by noticing them in advance.

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