Do Download Links Work?

Things About the Download

The number of the players of game is increasing in each passing day and one of the most searched terms for the game is the download in most of the search engines. However this is not a true term and leads to some misunderstandings among the players. This is why we decided to prepare a text for our visitors to make everything clear regarding the download links.

The download links do not provide the game itself. Although you could be able to download the whole game through any link it would be not useful for you in any way. Because the game is an online game where you have to play through an internet connection this means that you have to connect to a server to play In case you will perform the download you will not be able to play it with other players unless you will not have your own server.

But all of the download links include mods which allow you to connect to private servers in order to take the advantage of the hacks. These hacks allow you to have more fun when you play the game and they can make everything easier for you.

Of course all of the other players on the same map who downloaded the mods through the download links will have the same features together with you. This will increase the competition among the other players and make the game more fun. We bet you will be addicted to the game once you will play it with hacks.

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