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The amount of the players of game is increasing in each day and the search query of hacks is becoming very trendy in the search engines. In this article we will talk about the gameplay and discuss whether is there any hacks. We hope that you will like these information we will share in this article.

Let’s start with the hacks. For now there is no launched and announced hacks or in other words, the mods however according to rumors some of the developers began to work on creating mods for the players. We are sure that we will see plenty of hacks soon since the game is increasing its popularity in each day.

As you know all of the io games are intended to grow in size with the thing you are controlling however the case is a little bit different in game since you have to things to control. One of them is your ball which does not grow in your size and you control it with the help of the arrow keys on your keyboard. The other one is the mace that is attached to your ball and is capable of growing in size while you are controlling it with the help of your mouse.

You have to swing your mace and hit your opponents to eliminate them. In this way you will earn your score which will be one point for each eliminated opponent and you start killing your opponents your mace will grow in game. It is quite fun to play and the game will be much better with the hacks which will be revealed soon.

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