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In the event that you have found the game by chance you are one of those who are lucky since the developers do not promote this new game but they prefer to let it spread from ear to ear. And most of the players are looking for hacks which some of the features are quite essential such as zoom hack in order to have a better view on the map and avoid possible dangers but there are no any hacks published on the internet by the freelance developers.
 game requires a high reflexes with a good combination of using both of your hands. You will be moving your small ball with the help of the arrow keys while you will have to swing your mace with the help of your mouse. Possible there will be some hacks which will make it much more easier for the players soon but until that time we have to get use to play game it in this way. Let us know what do you think about this new and amazing game which has different concept than the other io games.

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