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The reason that game has been this much popular is its unique different gameplay compared to the other online io games. This game in which you manage a little weird character who is rolling a mace around itself and in which you try to hit your opponents in their heads has being played by millions of online users. Also, mods, which are added some additional extra features such as zooming option, new skills, new skins, new maps and bots, have been as much popular as the original game. It is also possible to say that hacks which are different and more creatively designed has been much more popular than the game that the topic “ hacks” has become the most searched game topic on the web. hacks are not cheats. All the players who are playing the mods with hacks in the same moded servers have the same additional features and the extras and it is more fun to play it in your free times. Even that, some people can’t sleep for playing this game over and over again as they lose. In this case, we can say that the game is extremely addictive.

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